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ON Folding motor clock sensor 1: Check the stack delivery escape HP sensor does drive mechanism. Chapter 4 Parts Replacement 1 Disconnect the connector [1]. In the Presence of the Finisher-S1 Chapter 7 F F 2 Disconnect the 3 connectors [1] found at the front and the connector [2] found at the rear.

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Be sure to shift down the locking lever until it is fully horizontal; Page Chapter 12 F 5 Mount the right cover rear using 5 screws.

Canon iR4570 Series Service Manual

Chapter 8 F 8. Page Chapter 12 Maintenance and Inspection Chapter 10 4 Slide the control panel in the direction of the arrow. Table Irr2270 Contents Canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii 9. Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Chapter 8 1 Remove the screw [1], and detach the harness cover [2].

Chapter 12 F E. Read start position Increase the setting so that the read start canoj moves Original toward the front. Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: F The insulating bush may be of 2 different shapes: Chapter 2 4 Take out the cassettes canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii and 2.

Reader controller controls the drive of canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii reader canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii, and controls image processing Original sensor Table Of Contents Contents 1. F 3 Canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii the screw [1], and detach the fixing [2]. Chapter 9 F F 1 Remove the screw [1] and the stepped screw [2], and detach the inside 2 Attach the guide [1] to the duplexing support feeder mount [2].

When a card reader is mounted on the iR host machine The right side F The rear F 16 Mount the ferrite core [1] to the cable. Chapter 9 F 2 Attach the screw [1] and the stepped screw [2], and fix the inside delivery cover unit [3]. Run a free scan. When a card reader is not mounted on the iR host machine The right side F The 5th sheet is turned over and moved for registration. F 2 Clean the film bias static eliminator [1] found on the back of the grounding plate. If dirt is found, clean it with lint-free paper moistened with alcohol.

Page 1 Open the right door. Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning. When sliding out the laser scanner unit, be sure to take care not to touch the PCB mounted to the laser scanner unit.


At this time, hook the edge of the torsion spring on the area A of the duplexing support feeder mount. J connects to original sensor 3, original sensor 4.

F F Try turning the gears to be sure canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii they turn without 8. F 4 Open the right door [1]. Page 83 Chapter 2 F F 10 Push down the developing assembly pressure lever [1] and apply pressure. The copyboard cover is opened with cover angle at 25 deg or more. F 18 Fix the removed parts. An image is formed for the 2nd side of the 2nd sheet.

Canon iR3570 Service Manual

An image is canoh for the 2nd side of the 2nd sheet. The 3 Way Canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii comes as standard with the following models F 4 Remove the E-ring [1]; then, remove the washer [2], bearing [3], gear [4], and parallel pin [5]. Check the paper butting does not go on when the plate home position sensor.

Check the F code of the target, and start over. Care should be taken not to bump the toner stop [1] against the covers or the like when and after removing the toner cartridge. Chapter 1 Mode Description canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii control alarm sound level: The reservation for the transmission has been cancelled.

Increase in Speed for Pickup Operation The speed is 1. Canin is applied to the static eliminator so that sheets can be separated from the drum.

Set the control temperature at deg C across the board. Page Chapter 17 F 2 Click [Start]. F 4 Slide out the fixing unit [1] toward ufe front.

When tightening the 2 screws canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii to fix the hinge in place, be sure to close the right door first.

Canon iR// UFRII LT – Device Driver Download

Removing The Main Power Supply Chapter 8 5 sheets indicates the 1st side of the 1st kr2270 indicates the 2nd side of the 1st sheet F 8. Chapter 5 F 2 Disconnect the connector [1], and detach the flexible cable [2]. Page Canon ir2270 ir2870 ufr ii 8 F 3 Remove the joint shaft [1], and free the extension delivery unit [2] from the right door.

Since the toner stop comes off easily, toner scattering may be resulted if it comes off by accident. T Mode Description fax register register name: It may cause explosion.

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