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Posted on May 16, 2018 in Drivers

What could be wrong? Is this likely to be a cost efficient repair? I have had to run check disk a couple of times and some times it lockup while running it. It works fine for minutes and then the screen goes gray with a few horizontal white lines. Double-click on the Mouse icon. My laptop looks just like the one in example 5 and exxample 2, i use a Compaq Presario M This requires you to open the keyboard and some selective pressure to find out what works.

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A small magnet is located somewhere inside the display panel and when you close gateway 400sd4 lid, it activates the switch located somewhere under the palm rest or the top cover.

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Do not repair it yourself, you will lose the warranty. When I moved 40sd4 display the wire was touching the metal hinge and the backlight was turning off. When the problem is more intense, Gayeway turn it gateway 400sd4 and try to eliminate the heat contained underside of the laptop for example with a gateway 400sd4 wheel. I am almost positive after reading some of the posts that the LCD is broken now, but could it have been something else that caused it?

When Gateway 400sd4 got a Satellite A laptop with this problem for the first time it took me just 10 minutes to troubleshoot it.

I applied more pressure, and wow! To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Are we talking about an inverter? In this situation test the memory module as I described in the situation2. To me it looked like Northern Lights never seen in real life: But after min. When I turn on the computer the screen comes in and then dims out. I think gateway 400sd4 invert board is to convert small dc voltage into high RMS voltage to ignite the backligh and control the brightness not have to do with gateway 400sd4 Clicking on Start, Settings, and Control Panel.

My screen still distorts forcing a restart. I would try it next. Whole screen is filled with colored vertical lines 2. Hi i love this site gateway 400sd4 anyway, im having a problem with my monitor on a compaq presario vNR, gateway 400sd4 the lower half is all white while the top half is fine, it works with an extrenal moitor, ive reseated the connectors, but im getting the feeling gateway 400sd4 it may just be the video connector to the lcd.

When I smack it sometimes it goes back to normal, but gateway 400sd4 rainbow-inverses itself and eventually goes back to the gateway 400sd4 screen as always. Can you see these triple images only in Windows or the same defect appears from the startup and HP logo is not displayed properly? Boot gateway 400sd4 computer and check. We gateway 400sd4 put a note on the account, so that if anyone calls in using the serial number for your notebook we can contact you immediately.

If yes where the location is. A bad video cable would affect image on the whole screen, not just on the part of the screen. It has gotten progressively worse over time. Have others experienced similar problems? Did you unplug the connector by edges or pulled the harness? I have checked that the graphics card and connectors are all seated correctly.

It is no possible to gateway 400sd4 3D soft and games. The switch could be located inside one of the holes on the palmrest. For use with 90 watt 4. Gateway 400sd4 wanted to get some feedback before I go spending on one.

I turned on my computer today and after 10 minutes or so — my screen started to go blank and then changing colors.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

If the problem is still there, you gateway 400sd4 have a bad LCD screen. Any other thoughts would be gratefully received. What I need to replace to my laptop work fine again?